Katharina Barbara Späth Durin

Family #75 in the 1798 Grimm census.

Family #75 in the 1798 Grimm census.

Family #281 in the 1834 Grimm census.

Katharina Barbara Späth was born about 1784 or 1785 in Grimm, Russia, to parents Johann Georg and Anna Eva Späth. She was the youngest of five sisters:

  1. Anna Christina, born 1768
  2. Anna Juliana, born 1772
  3. Elisabeth Katharina, born 1775
  4. Magdalena, born 1776
  5. Katharina Barbara, born 1784

At the time of the 1798 census, her father had passed away and she and her mother were living with her sister Juliana, and her husband Michael Stoll in family #75. The rest of her sisters were probably married and living with their husbands’ families. It does not look like Georg and Anna Eva Späth had any boys. Daughter Juliana’s husband Michael probably moved in with the Späth family when he married Juliana. After Georg Späth’s death, Michael Stoll became the head of the household which, in 1798, also included his mother-in-law Anna Eva and sister-in-law Katharina Barbara.

Determining who Katharina Barbara married was more complex. Her first two names appear as an unrelated Katharina Barbara Durin, wife of Gottfried Durin, in the 1834 census. She was 55 years old, meaning she was born around 1785. I checked the 1798 Grimm census for women named Katharina Barbara who were around 13 or 14 years old at the time of the 1798 census. The only possible matches were:

  • Family #75         Katharina Barbara Spaeth 1784
  • Family #A10      Katharina Barbara Lutz 1784

Of these two women, Katharina Barbara Lutz can be ruled out because she married Johann Kaspar Meisner. This means the Katharina Barbara Durin of this profile was born Katharina Barbara Spaeth.


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