Grimm, Russia is one of the villages that thousands of Volga Germans called home from 1767 to just before the first World War. By 1917, many of the villagers had immigrated to North and South America. When they arrived, most tried to blend into the American landscape and immerse themselves in the culture of their new homeland.

Today, unless you are a descendant, the history of the Volga Germans is not widely known and in danger of being forgotten. This site aims to provide information, photographs, and genealogies for the Germans who lived in Grimm.

We use the WikiTree genealogy database to store information about Volga Germans. Each profile we create is sourced to the greatest degree possible. The profiles can easily be updated when necessary. If you have family information you would like included in GrimmRussia.org, you can create the profiles first, and then let us know the names and identification numbers so we can link them to this website. For more information, see WikiTree.com.

If you have any stories, photos, or other family information you would like to share here, contact usĀ here.

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